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The lawyer you hire (or don't) may be the single biggest determiner of your family's well-being and financial success. To avoid leaving a mess for your family to clean up, you need a trusted guide to help you determine what you really need. Your Personal Family Lawyer® is that trusted guide for all of your legal and financial needs.


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An Online Will or “Cheap Legal” service won’t provide what your loved ones need, want or deserve - Guidance

Don't get fooled. It's your family who will suffer. Buying legal documents leaves your family without a trusted guide, when something happens to you.

Your family won’t know what you have, where it is, or what to do. Instead, they’ll be left with a confusing mess in a time of grief with no one to guide them. Read more >>

Your Personal Family Lawyer
has your back.

Give yourself (and your family) the support of a trusted guide. Navigating the legal and financial landscape can be confusing. Your Personal Family Lawyer guides you to feel confident making aligned legal and financial decisions during your life, and is there for your loved one's when you can't be.  Receive expert, caring counsel from your trusted legal advisor to make a lifetime of wise, forward-thinking choices for you and the people you love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Personal Family Lawyer®?

    Your Personal Family Lawyer is a trusted guide with a unique heart-centered counseling process to support you to make aligned legal and financial decisions for yourself and your family throughout your lifetime, and who has business systems to be there to guide your loved ones when you can't be.

  • Aren't estate plans only for the wealthy? I’m not rich. Why do I need a plan?

    You only need an estate plan if you have things you care about that could be lost if you become incapacitated or when you die, and you want to make sure the people you love aren't left with a mess. In some ways, the less financially rich you are, the more you need to plan because the impact of not planning can be far more costly.

  • If I already have a will, why do I need a lawyer?

    A will alone does very little. It's the dirty little secret of the world of estate planning.  Even the "must have" or “legal 4” set of documents are not enough to keep you or your surviving loved ones out of court and out of conflict. Working with a lawyer who has a process and systems in place for guiding you to see what you have and know what you need, based on what you want ... that’s what Life & Legacy Planning is all about.

  • Can’t I just create a will myself online?

    Yes, you sure can. There are many services that will allow you to create a will at very low cost, and even free. Before you do that, watch our free training to understand what you can do yourself, and what you need to hire a lawyer to do with you. The impact of this choice, on the people you love, can be quite significant. 

  • How do I know if I will benefit from Life and Legacy Planning?

    If you have things you care about and people you love, you need a plan so you can leave what you have to the people you love without a big mess. Life and Legacy Planning is a process to guide you to understand what you need, based on what you have and want. Watch our webinar, read our book, or schedule a 15-min consult with a PFL to begin your education. We know your family is worth it.

  • Hiring a lawyer is expensive. How much does this cost?

    Each Personal Family Lawyer firm is committed to educating you for free so you can make educated decisions, and sets their own pricing structure for their services. Their pricing is transparent and you will choose your own fee during your Life & Legacy Planning Session, which is designed to guide you to choose the right plan for you, at the right budget. You’ll only pay for PFL services if the benefits exceed the cost, and your PFL will help you determine if that’s the case. It’s built in to the Life & Legacy Planning process.

  • What trainings do PFLs have that make them different?

    Personal Family Lawyer firms have chosen to focus on estate planning as a primary practice area and to learn our heart-centered, counseling-focused Life & Legacy Planning process and methodology. All PFL firms have been trained to fulfill on the PFL Promise.

  • Why would I want a relationship with a lawyer?

    If you don't have a relationship with a lawyer who has your back, when something happens that requires legal guidance, you are at great risk.

    Don't believe me though, read the innumerable stories of people ripped off by banks, courts and other trusted institutions because they didn't have trusted legal guidance before they needed it.

    Maybe some part of you has a memory of sorts around a time of reality when your ancestors turned to the “town lawyer” before making any important decisions. That model was lost when lawyers became so expensive and transactional that they could only be used occasionally, or in the event of a major conflict. 

    Or perhaps you know of super wealthy people who have a "family office" to help with their legal and financial choices, and you wish you could too.

    We have created a business model for lawyers that supports them to be the trusted counselor to guide you throughout your life, as your life changes, your assets change, and as the law changes. Not everyone will benefit from a relationship with a heart-centered counselor who can work with you to care for and plan for all that you value, but if you will, a Personal Family Lawyer is that lawyer.

    We think your family is worth it.

There is a huge gap in the legal system.

I witnessed it firsthand after watching family members die without proper planning. The first was my father-in-law.

Even though my father-in-law worked with a reputable lawyer to prepare an “estate plan,” his assets were not inventoried, or even titled properly, and his plan had never been updated after he created it.

Turns out, my father-in-law had paid $3,000 for a one-size fits all plan that he thought took care of everything, but it didn’t. And he died not realizing that his loved ones would be stuck in a court process after his death, dealing with his assets, and his ex-wife.

It’s an all too common problem. Families get left with an expensive mess that could easily be avoided, with a little more foresight, understanding and the guidance of an advisor who has the mind of a lawyer, and the heart of a teacher.

That’s why I created Personal Family Lawyer.



Ali Katz
Personal Family Lawyer +
Founder, Eyes Wide Open Collective


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