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There are two things certain in life: we’re all born, and we all die. The rest is a mystery.  What we know is that facing death with our eyes wide open will lead us to our best lives — to be the best parents, business owners, and humans possible — regardless of when death comes for us.

It's what Life & Legacy Planning is really all about. We support you to look at everything you have, and everyone you love, as if you were going to die tomorrow — so you can get clear on what you need to have in place to keep your loved one's out of court, out of conflict, and from being left with a big mess.  As a result, you make the best choices for your resources throughout every stage of life.


What Happens After a
Life & Legacy Planning Session?

After you’ve taken an honest look at your life and love and desired legacy, you will work with your Personal Family Lawyer® to create the legal documents you need and a roadmap for the people you choose so they can easily find what you have, and know exactly what to do with it. Your people won’t have to wonder, worry, or stress during a time of grief and loss. They’ll know how to easily take care of what matters most.

Your Life & Legacy Plan is much more than a stack of papers you’ll stick on a shelf and never look at again. Yes, your plan will include a will, health care directive, and power of attorney, and maybe a trust and legal guardian nominations, too. But, far more important than all of that are all the pieces that don’t get covered by "cheap legal" or DIY online legal template services: the parts that ensure your plan works when your family needs it.

Your Life & Legacy Plan is the gift of love you leave for your family that keeps them out of court, out of conflict, and with a reminder of your love and care.

But don’t I just need a will or a trust?

Two-thirds of American families know they need end-of-life planning but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Why? Because our lives are beyond full, and creating a will is the thing we can procrastinate with ease because who wants to think about death, really?

You are more likely to either not complete or not sign a will or trust created by a cheap legal or DIY estate planning lawyer. Do you have an unsigned will in your computer somewhere? If so, it won’t work.

Or, if you do get it done, it’s unlikely to get updated, or to cover your assets, so that the plan works when it’s needed.

And, it most certainly won’t pass on more than just your money. Heck, it may not even keep your family out of court or conflict.

Personal Family Lawyer Founder, Ali Katz, tells how Life and Legacy planning differs from traditional estate planning and can make all the difference when it matters most.

All families are vulnerable to conflict

Unlike standard wills or trusts, a Life & Legacy Plan is designed to grow and change with you. Your Personal Family Lawyer has unique systems and processes to make that possible.

Your PFL isn’t just a document creator, using ChatGPT to serve you. They are your trusted, lifelong counsel who guides you to ensure your family benefits from the legacy you're creating.


You need a
Life & Legacy Plan.

Leave your family with the support they need to make the important legal and financial decisions when you’re not there to guide them. Receive expert, caring counsel from your trusted legal advisor to make a lifetime of wise, forward-thinking choices for you and the people you love.

Your PFL isn’t just a one-and-done document creator. Your PFL is your trusted, lifelong guide who works with you to ensure your family stays out of court and conflict and grows even closer as a result of the legacy you’re creating.

Life and Legacy Planning is a process of looking at all of your legal and financial decisions through the lens of our heart-centered decision-making methodology that clarifies what matters most to you when it comes to love, money, life and death. It goes beyond traditional “transactional” or “one-off/documents focused” estate planning to ensure a lifetime of wise legal and financial choices, and that you’ve left your loved one’s with a legacy of guidance and support.

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Know you’ve made the right choices for the people you love.

You can rest assured that your family will be supported and cared for if something were to happen to you.

All the years that I worried about that issue are now over and I feel secure knowing that my kids are in good hands, and the hands we want, if we can't be here for them. Priceless!”

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