Protect what matters most to you in just three steps.

Create Your Own Personal Resource Map™ to ensure your family knows what to do when the unexpected happens.

  1. Watch the our free training what you can do yourself, what you need a lawyer to do, and if you are going to DIY … how to DIY the right way.
  2. Use our free tool to create Treasure Map of what you own for the people you love.
  3. Get the support of a Personal Family Lawyer to ensure you don't leave your family with a mess.

Step 1: Watch the training.

Watch our free training with Lawyer and Best-Selling Author, Ali Katz, and create your own Personal
Resource Map ™ for everything you have, and everyone you love, now.


Step 2: Start your Personal Resource Map.

Use our free, secure, online resource mapping tool to easily gather the information that matters most for your family. After you complete your Personal Resource Map, you'll be able to print this information for your family so they know exactly what you have, if something happens to you... it'll be like a treasure map for the people you love.


Step 3: Get Support.

Your Personal Resource Map is the foundation of your Life and Legacy Plan. Meet with a Personal Family Lawyer to discuss how to make a plan.