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Kyle Manikas

Areas of Focus: Life and Legacy Planning

Licensed States: New York, Virginia, District of Columbia

What to expect from Kyle Manikas

  • A 15- minute introductory call to understand your goals and needs.
  • 2-Hour Working Life & Legacy Planning Session: A comprehensive look at your current family dynamics and your assets, including a comprehensive inventory of everything you have so none of it is ever lost.
  • Education on how the law impacts your family and assets, focused specifically on your County, State and Country of residence.
  • A transparent discussion of your options to care for what matters most to you, no matter what happens. Planning options that work for you and the people you love. Relational, compassionate counsel to help you make "eyes wide open" choices for yourself and the people you love.
  • A clear plan (not just documents) for how your assets and those you love will be taken care of, throughout every stage of life, and in the event of your incapacity or death.

About Kyle Manikas

I am an attorney dedicated to helping families in Virginia navigate the world of estate planning. With over 22 years of legal experience, I've been honored to represent individuals, businesses, and our wonderful community in a wide range of legal matters. Notably, I had the privilege of serving as the Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney for Fairfax County, a jurisdiction of around 1.2 million people, and I have been named to SuperLawyers and am Peer Review Rated as AV® Preeminent™ by Martindale-Hubbell.

My journey began as a child growing up in a family-owned restaurant, where I learned the true values of hard work, customer appreciation, and delivering excellence for a fair price. These foundational principles have been my guiding since I started practicing law and later when I opened my law practice in 2009.

As a parent myself, I understand the concerns that many of my clients share. Questions like, "What will happen to my children if something happens to me today?" or "What decisions will the court make for my family if I don't plan ahead?" weigh heavily on the minds of parents. I'm here to help you address these concerns and more.

Over my 22-year career, I've encountered countless worst-case scenarios that have left people in dire situations. I made a commitment to focus my practice on proactive planning to prevent such scenarios. By planning ahead, we can avoid the stress, expense, and uncertainties that often arise when court proceedings become necessary.

Estate planning isn't just about what happens to your home, your IRA, or your pension; it's about retaining control over your future or the future of your loved ones. It’s about making sure that you, not the court or a third party, control what happens to you if you become incapacitated or to your children if you pass when they are minors. It is also about ensuring that your values, beliefs, life lessons, and experiences - the assets that are most often lost when someone dies - are preserved for generations to come.

Traditionally, lawyers were known as "attorneys and counselors at law," but the counseling aspect has sometimes been overlooked. I take a different approach, one that revolves around open and meaningful conversations. I want to know what concerns you, what keeps you up at night, and what you're afraid of. By understanding your unique circumstances, I can design personalized solutions that eliminate risks and provide you with peace of mind.

I invite you to explore my firm’s website and learn more about the compassionate and dedicated approach we bring to estate planning. Your future, your family's well-being, and your legacy matter to me.

What makes PFL lawyers different?

  • Asset-1how-you-hire
    How you hire us.

    We begin with a comprehensive inventory of everything you own, and everyone you love, and consider it all in a working meeting, called a Family Wealth Planning Session, to guide you to clarify your financial life and legacy goals before we draft a single document.

  • Asset-1@3x
    How we plan.

    We work with you throughout every life stage to map out the most likely scenarios for you and the people you love, planning for each as your life, the law, and your assets change over time.

  • Asset-1what-we-protect
    What we protect.

    Our Life & Legacy Planning process ensures everything that matters most -- from your financial assets to your values, insights, stories and experience -- are captured and documented during your life and cared for over the generations to come.

  • Asset-1transparency
    What you see.

    Transparency in our process, and our fees … all of which are flat fees, agreed to in advance, based on your choices and with no surprises, ensuring we stay on the same side of the table - supporting you to make a lifetime of great decisions - every step of the way.

  • Asset-1DElivery
    How we deliver.

    Our systems help you get clear and organized, overcoming the exact issues that keep most estate plans from actually working when they are needed most. We help you leave your family with a gift of love, and not a mess.

  • Asset-1work-150x150
    How our plans work.

    One-and-done estate plans focused only on money are a recipe for a big mess. We help you throughout every stage of life and be there for the people you love, when you can’t be.

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