LIFT: The essential systems your business needs.

Personal Family Lawyer® firms designated as LIFTed Business Advisors are educated and empowered to support your business with the systems you need to address the four key areas that are most often overlooked and dramatically impact the success of every business owner: Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax.


The old model of advice is failing business owners.

Maybe you've noticed, it's really hard to get good advice when it comes to your legal, insurance, financial and tax matters. Without an MBA or a JD yourself (or maybe even with those degrees), you just don't know who to trust. And that's because the business model of most advisors leaves them between a rock and a hard place when it comes to advising you.


Reactive legal advice is an expensive cycle.

Traditional "transactional" business lawyers are reactive, not proactive. They’ll incorporate your business, file for your trademark, and review contracts or document transactions, as you request. And, they may bill you on a flat-fee basis for your first transaction with subsequent bills charging for six-minute increments of time, training you to stop asking for advice for fear of another invoice.

Most lawyers don't have the systems or know how to educate you, protect you from expensive mistakes and the need to learn the hard way, or to proactively strategize your business growth with you.


Knowing what you need.

Chances are, you won’t even know when to reach out to your business lawyer. You sign legal agreements without a lawyer’s review. You’ll buy insurance without a legal consult on the contract. You’ll wait until something happens, and only contact your lawyer when it’s going to be very expensive to resolve whatever problems have occurred.

Advice is fragmented between your CPA, your bookkeeper, multiple lawyers each handling something different, your financial advisor, and insurance agents. You talk to one, get advice, and bring it to another, and get different advice. Ping-ponging between advisors while trying to run your business, and you know it’s just not working.

Get the business
counsel you deserve.

LIFTed Business Advising isn’t just about advice. It’s about education and you being supported by an objective, trusted advisor who will help you build a LIFTed team around your business, at the right budget and right size. Your LIFTed Business Advisor will ensure you work with your LIFTed team effectively and efficiently, asking the right questions and getting the right answers, each step of the way.


LIFT is foundational to your business success.

When you don’t have your LIFT structures in place, you simply don’t have the container to receive the income you desire, or to invest the money you are making wisely, and ultimately your lack of LIFT understanding undermines your meaningful impact in the world.

The sense that you are making decisions without the right foundation feeds imposter syndrome, a swirling internal unease, blocking you from the business you want.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you've been in business for years, now is the time to uplevel your LIFT foundation. The sooner you have a LIFT Business Breakthrough Session and see what needs to be cleaned up, the faster you’ll have the next level breakthrough you’ve been wanting for your business.


Step into your role as the CEO of your life and business.

By coordinating and leading your LIFT team, your PFL with a LIFTed Business Advisor designation supports you with the guidance and direction you need to ask the right questions, as you step into your role as the CEO of your life and business.

Talk to your Personal Family Lawyer about LIFT for your business, and schedule a LIFT Business Breakthrough Session today.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does LIFT work?

    LIFT is a system of advising business owners on all the inter-related dynamics affecting their legal, investment, financial and tax affairs. Personal Family Lawyer firms trained in LIFT guide you through this system so you can be CEO of your business.

  • Who should add it to their business?

    Because all businesses have interconnected Legal, Investment, Financial, and Tax matters, all businesses need to consider how they work together. PFL firms trained in LIFT ensure these areas are addressed in all business planning

  • What if I’m just thinking of starting a business?

    Starting a business is the best time to get LIFT-advised. You want to have a full understanding of what you need and how to protect your business before you start taking on customers and signing contracts.

  • What’s included in the LIFT system?

    When you enroll in the LIFT program, you’re going to get the training, education, guidance and mentorship you need to put the right legal, insurance, financial and tax systems in place for your life and business.

  • What if I don’t need all 4 systems?

    Every business is impacted by all four systems and our entire financial system runs on those connections. Your Personal Family Lawyer will guide you to focus on the areas most applicable to you to building a strong business foundation.

  • Can I integrate LIFT with my current business?

    Yes, absolutely. LIFT isn’t about changing your business. It’s about supporting it so you can work toward the success that you need.

My business mistakes cost me millions of dollars to learn the hard way.

Even as a lawyer myself, I didn’t know the right questions to ask.

The advisors I hired, the lawyers, the CPAs, the bookkeepers — none of them could help me because I didn’t know what I didn’t know, until expensive mistakes forced me to hire reactive support.

As I came to learn, they couldn’t help because they didn’t know what I didn’t know. And I didn’t even know how to ask the right questions so they could help.

Don’t get stuck in the middle between your advisors. Let your Personal Family Lawyer handle the heavy LIFT for you. Schedule a LIFT Business Breakthrough Session and get the support you and your business need.



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Get the business guidance you deserve.

PFLs designated as LIFTed Business Advisors are guiding business owners like you to eyes wide open legal, insurance, financial and tax decisions. Get smart about LIFT in your business today.