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Ali Katz on The Wellness Mama Podcast


Ali Katz talks about family financial planning, freedom, and building generational wealth.

It was an honor to speak on the Wellness Mama podcast Episode 568 starting at timestamp 4 minutes and 20 seconds in, if you want to get right to it because of your busy schedule.

In this episode, Katie Wells, the Wellness Mama, and I cover:
  • The important things to think about from legal and financial perspectives, especially when you have kids!
  • Why it is so important to name guardians for your kids in case something happens and how to do it the right way;
  • Important steps to put in place when figuring out guardianship and financial assets for your kids;
  • What to know about life insurance and who to name as beneficiary (hint: not your kids);
  • The importance of a revocable living trust for your kids;
  • Why not to rely on social security for retirement (and what to do instead),
  • And, a whole lot more …
And if you’re a lawyer, this episode is chock-full of guidance you can pass on to the clients you love and serve. Listen here: https://wellnessmama.com/podcast/568/