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What does an executor do?

Ali Katz


Q: What does an executor do?

-Will writer

A: Dear Will:

 An executor is the person named in your will to administer your estate upon your death. The executor’s primary responsibility is to carry out the wishes spelled out in your will, ensuring that your assets are distributed to the intended beneficiaries. 

An executor’s duties vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the estate. In general, the executor will need to file your will with the court, account for all of the assets listed in your will, and maintain that property until it can be distributed or sold. If probate is necessary, the executor represents your estate in court.

Before your assets can be distributed, the executor will first need to ensure all of your debts are paid, including any taxes you owe. The executor is also tasked with handling all of your final affairs, such as notifying banks, credit card companies, and government agencies of your death.

The executor must notify your heirs of your death, and once your debts and taxes are paid, he or she will distribute your assets to the appropriate beneficiaries named in your will.

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