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Q&A: My mother has a hard time hearing her doctor on the phone. How can I help?

Ali Katz



Q: My mother has a hard time hearing her doctor on the phone. How can I help?

– Caring Daughter



A: Addressing healthcare communication challenges is crucial, especially when hearing impairment is involved. It’s important to make informed decisions regarding your mother’s healthcare, and ensuring clear communication with medical professionals is a key part of that process.

    1.    Life & Legacy Planning: Consider engaging in Life & Legacy Planning with a Personal Family Lawyer®. This approach goes beyond the traditional estate planning by focusing on ensuring your loved one’s wishes are honored in all aspects of health and end-of-life care, including clear communication with healthcare providers.

    2.    HIPAA Authorization: For direct involvement in your mother’s healthcare discussions, a HIPAA authorization form is necessary. This form allows her healthcare providers to share her medical information with you or another trusted family member, which is especially useful if she has difficulty hearing or understanding medical information over the phone.

    3.    Personal Family Lawyer® Consultation: A Personal Family Lawyer® can help create a Life & Legacy Plan that includes provisions for health care decisions. They can ensure that the plan reflects her medical needs, including how she wishes to receive and communicate medical information given her hearing difficulties.

By taking these steps and consulting with a Personal Family Lawyer®, you can be actively involved in your mother’s health care decisions and facilitate better communication between her and her healthcare providers, ensuring that her legacy is honored in all aspects of her life.