Your family’s best future starts with your wise choices now.

You already know your family needs you to at least have a will in place to safeguard their future in the event of your passing or incapacity.

But, is a will enough?

Or do you also need a trust? And will even a will or trust keep your family from being left with a big mess?

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Don't risk by guessing.

If you don't want to leave your family with a big mess, you should not go it alone when it comes to planning for your care, and the care of your assets and your people.

It's just too important.

You can read books on estate planning, or watch webinars and online resources (like ours, here) but ultimately there’s really only one course of action if you really want to know you’ve done the right thing by the people you love.

Meet with a lawyer who will educate and guide you using a heart-centered counseling methodology that takes into account your unique family dynamics, your assets (financial AND intangible), and your budget to help you choose the right type of plan for your family.

That lawyer is a Personal Family Lawyer®.


You want to know everything
is handled correctly.

Even the best traditional estate planning lawyers are only suited to provide you a limited service: document creation. When you meet with them, they may have you fill out a worksheet, answer some cursory questions, and then provide you an estimate to create documents like wills, trusts, and healthcare directives.

That lawyer, although they mean well, doesn’t really have a process to get to know you, your values, or your family dynamics. You assume they know best. You walk away with a stack of documents that get put on a shelf or in a drawer, and hope that when the time comes they do what they’re supposed to: guide your family through the legacy of your life in a time of stress and grief.

But, chances are, you won’t have even heard from your lawyer again since they prepared those documents for you.

Unfortunately, one-off documents created by a lawyer or online service that has no investment in your life often fail to do the job they’re meant to do. You may have chosen to prepare the wrong documents, or the documents you did create weren’t kept up to date.

You thought you were doing the right thing, taking care of everything the right way. Instead, you could be leaving behind a mess that sows discord, confusion, and legal conflict within your family.

Uncertainty is dangerous when there’s so much at stake.

There is so much that could go wrong if your family doesn't have a trusted advisor to turn to when something happens to you.

  • Your legal documents could be lacking, unclear, incomplete, or not up to date
  • Your minor children could end up in the care of someone you would never want
  • Your family may not find all your assets, and what you’ve worked so hard for is lost to the Dept. of Unclaimed Property.
  • Your loved ones could find themselves fighting during a time of stress and grief. 
Our Life & Legacy Planning process ensures you make informed, empowered choices for yourself and the people you love. It starts with a Family Wealth Planning Session, during which you'll get more financially organized than you've ever been before and gain 100% confidence and certainty in your legal and financial decisions.


Begin with a Family
Wealth Planning Session™.

Meet with a PFL to choose the way forward for yourself and the people you love, with a personalized focus on your family dynamics, assets, values, and budget.

What to expect from your Family Wealth Planning Session:

  • A clear view of how your unique family dynamics affect your life and legacy planning.
  • A comprehensive inventory of what you have and how it would be impacted by incapacity or death.
  • Education on how the law impacts your family and assets, focused specifically on your County, State, and Country of residence.
  • Planning options that work for you and the people you love.
  • Relational, compassionate counsel focused on education and guidance, not just documents.

By the end of your Family Wealth Planning Session, you will know exactly how to plan for yourself and your family, and at a price you choose, based on your assets, your family needs, and your budget.

Get started planning for your life and legacy.

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Kids Protection Planning

Create your Personal Resource Map

Inventory what you have and leave your family a "treasure map" to ensure that they what you own doesn't end up in the wrong hands or lost and reclaimed by the state.

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Family Wealth Planning Session

Understand how what you own, your family dynamics, and your values all impact your plan needs. Get educated on your risks and options.

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Don't leave your kids at risk.

A comprehensive Kids Protection Plan is the only way to assure yourself that your kids will be raised by the people you want, in the way you want, by the people your kids know, like, and trust, if something happens to you.