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What Will Happen to My Pet in a Natural Disaster?

Ali Katz


Q: What will happen to my pet in a natural disaster?

Pet Parent--

A: Dear Pet Parent:

In the wake of natural disasters like the recent blitz of hurricanes to hit the Gulf Coast and Caribbean islands, the fates of countless pets are insecure. Understandably, many pet parents are now questioning what will happen to their pet when a natural disaster strikes.

Fortunately there are many organizations that work with animal shelters to reunite pets with their owners after disasters.

However, if you don’t survive the disaster, but your furry friend does, their fate is uncertain unless you name a caregiver in your estate plan. Make sure you find a committed caregiver—as well as a backup—who are willing to care for your pet if you die. Include them in your estate plan to ensure your pet doesn’t end up in a shelter - or worse.

You may also want to include detailed instructions on how to best care for your pet and information on his or her medical history. You can even leave financial provisions for the care of your pet by creating a pet trust and naming it as a beneficiary on accounts.

Lastly, always work with a Personal Family Lawyer® who can walk you through the process of protecting your pet’s future step by step.