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Name Legal Guardians for Your Kids for Free On This Website

Ali Katz


One of the hardest things to do as a human being is to acknowledge our mortality. Some people even seem to think that if they ignore their eventual death, it will not happen. This is risky behavior for anyone, but particularly for those who are parents of young children. If parents are the victim of an untimely death or disabling accident, and have not already taken appropriate action, a court will step in and decide who will take care of their children.

Fortunately, the laws of every state allow parents to designate who they want to take care of their children if they no longer can themselves. This is perhaps the most important decision anyone can make for their children. Children need strong guidance and love, especially after the loss or impairment of a parent.

And we know you do not want this decision left to a judge who doesn’t know you, or your family.

You can take some easy steps today to ensure that your children are raised by a loving relative or family friend you choose.

On our website Kids Protection Plan you can legally document who you want to raise your child, if you cannot. It’s free, and easy. We’ve made it so there are no excuses.

We even guide you through the process of choosing the right guardian, if you cannot decide.

Do the right thing and name legal guardians for your child today.

After you’ve completed the process, we’ll even send you a free copy of the best-selling book on legal planning for parents, Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly -- and Essential -- Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents.