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Clean Burials: New Mushroom Suit Removes Body Toxins

Ali Katz


If you have ever wondered about the impact your body will have on the environment when you are gone, you are not alone. Traditional burial and cremation both present significant environmental challenges.

When traditional burial is used, embalming fluid—typically a formaldehyde cocktail—is injected into the body to delay decomposition. While these chemicals achieve the desired effect (preserving the body, particularly for viewing by family and friends), they remain in the body after burial and may seep into the soil.

Cremation, on the other hand, comes with its own set of environmental concerns. The non-profit Funeral Consumers Alliance of Southern California reports that “an average of 28 gallons of fuel” is used in a typical cremation, releasing ”approximately 540 pounds of carbon dioxide.”

Recognizing the lack of eco-friendly options, two designers created the Infinity Burial Suit and related products. The handcrafted suit is made from infinity mushrooms, developed by the designers to quickly decompose body tissue and excretions, as well as industrial toxins. The company which sells the suit suggests that “[t]he cultivation process promotes acceptance of and a personal engagement with death and decomposition.”

While it can be difficult to think about death and the decomposition of our bodies, the fact is that we will all die. Once we come to terms with this, we can become proactive in arranging things our way. Accepting death allows us to plan our own funeral/burial and plan a legacy of love for our family after we’re gone.

You can accomplish all of this - and more - by working with a Personal Family Lawyer®. We help you face and plan for the reality of death in such a way that it actually makes your life better now. You will experience peace of mind and relief that you have taken the steps necessary to leave your family a legacy of love. This type of planning is a gift of life for yourself and a lifetime gift for your family.