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A Plan for Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Children

Ali Katz


If you have young children, chances are that your summer activities include some careful planning to keep them safe from harm.  Unfortunately, even with proper precautions in place, accidents do happen and not just to children.  Have you planned for what will happen to your children if you are the one involved in a tragic accident?

If you don’t put the proper legal protections in place and the unthinkable happens to you, any number of things could happen to your children, and none of them are good:

  • Your children could be put in the care of Child Protective Services, even temporarily. You never want strangers determining your children’s fate.
  • Your children could be put in the custody of someone you would never want to have them by a judge who does not know you or your family dynamics.
  • Your family could get into a fight about the custody of your children.
  • Your estate can be thrown into probate, with a portion of your assets going to court costs and fees -- money that your children could use in the future.
  • If you have significant assets, those could go to your children once they turn 18 in one lump sum that they will likely not be prepared to handle properly.

Since there are so many bad things that can happen to your children should something bad happen to you, we have developed the Kids Protection Plan® for families with young children.  This plan includes a comprehensive set of instructions and legal documents that will ensure your kids will be raised by someone you choose and that your assets are protected for their well-being.

To get started on your Kids Protection Plan®, contact a Personal Family Lawyer® today to schedule an appointment.  We can also discuss a Family Wealth Planning Session to identify the best ways for you to ensure your legacy of love and financial security for your family.