Why Hire A Personal Family Lawyer®?


Would any truly wealthy person ever make an important decision about his family or his business without consulting his personal lawyer?

Richard Branson? Oprah Winfrey? How about Warren Buffett?

No, and you shouldn’t either. True wealth goes far beyond your financial wealth — and you are far wealthier than you may even realize right now.

Maybe you are thinking that you don’t have the kind of money that Branson, Winfrey, and Buffett do, so having this kind of a personal lawyer isn’t for you. I’d like to suggest that it’s this kind of thinking that may actually be keeping you from the wealth that is possible for you.

First and foremost, financial wealth is just a very small part of our overall wealth, health, and happiness. Your family wealth also includes your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets. And, making confident choices throughout life about complex matters is what your Personal Family Lawyer® is here for.

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Sure, these folks all have plen­ty of money to hire lawyers, but that’s why the rich keep getting richer and the rest of us don’t.

In the past, access to a personal lawyer was only available to those with loads of money. And now, that’s no longer the case.

Now, you can afford to have the personal guidance and support of a trusted legal advisor as well.

And, I understand. Believe me, I understand. I’ve worked with a lawyer on a personal matter myself and there was nothing I hated more than getting that monthly bill in the mail. Whether the bill was $60 for some emails or thousands of dollars for complex negotiations, I hated it!

And, because my lawyer was billing me for his time on an hourly basis, I always thought really hard before contacting him for guidance. And, that meant I made some uninformed decisions.

Which is why I’ve committed to making sure you have the guidance you need by training our Personal Family Lawyers to use a whole new business model that makes the guidance of an affordable trusted Personal Family Lawyer® available to you throughout your lifetime.

I NEVER want you to make an uninformed decision that costs your family money again!

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Are you or anyone you know –
  • Having a Baby
  • Purchasing a Home
  • Getting Married
  • Facing Surgery
  • Getting Divorced
  • Raising Children
  • Moving in Together
  • Starting a New Job
  • Caring for an Elderly Parent
  • Arguing With a Neighbor
  • Dealing With the Death of a Loved One
  • Starting a Business
  • Buying Life Insurance

If so, you need to talk to a Personal Family Lawyer® so you know you are making the very best choices for your life and loved ones.

Each of these events is fraught with legal challenges that can be navigated with the best possible outcome to you and your family, IF you have the right information.

Without the right information, your family is at risk from what you don’t know. And, in the legal sense…what you don’t know CAN and WILL hurt you.

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My name is Ali Katz. I’m a mom, an attorney, the founder of the Family Wealth Planning Institute and New Law Business Model, and the author of this letter.

I hope that you will make this the year you take control of your life and start learning how to make the decisions that the wealthiest people in the world make. Decisions that will set the foundation for you to become one of those wealthy people OR if you already are part of this exclusive group, keep what you’ve got.

As a parent myself, I was always looking for information that would help me to make the best decisions for my family.

I’ve been thr­ough just about every life stage listed above and dealt with a lot of uncertainty as to whether I was doing everything possible to protect my family.

And, it turns out that even though I’m a lawyer, very often I wasn’t doing everything I could to protect my family.

Because I didn’t know!

So, I’ve brought together the best resources out there and given you access to a network of Personal Family Lawyers who will guide you and your family throughout your lifetime and beyond.

We look forward to seeing you and caring for your family soon!

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Family Wealth Planning Institute trained and licensed Personal Family Lawyers are the trusted advisors for you to look to for a lifetime of guidance, protection, and love for yourself, your family, and your assets.

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