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If you've read Wear Clean Underwear by now, you know how it is the essential and easy guide for parents who want to plan for their kids when the unexpected happens.

Get the book's companion resources and begin your journey to not just a Kid's Protection Plan for your family but the foundation of your own Life and Legacy Plan.

Still need the book?

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Tools to Get Started

Choosing the Right Guardian Worksheet

Choosing a person or family to care for your children is difficult. In fact, for many families, it’s the hardest part of planning their estate. Use our step-by-step worksheet get started.

Guardian Worksheet
Pick the Right Trustee

How to Select the Right Trustee

A trust is a treasure chest in which you store all your assets. Once you put your assets in the treasure chest, you do not own them—your treasure chest does—and the trustee holds the key. That's why knowing how to select the right trustee is so important.

Personal Property Memorandum

Many families want specific items to go to specific beneficiaries. Whether you use a will or a trust—discuss your options with your Personal Family Lawyer—you can use our Personal Property Memorandum to help make sure your exact wishes are met.

Personal Property Memorandum
Go beyond just average legal planning

10-Point Lifetime Trust Distributions “Cheat Sheet”

A Lifetime Asset Protection Trust (LAPT) is one of the best ways we’ve found to leave an inheritance to your heirs in such a way as to ensure that whatever you leave behind is protected from lawsuits, divorce, creditors, or bankruptcy.

This "cheat sheet" gives examples meant to inspire you in the assembly and personalization of the guidelines for your children’s Lifetime Trusts.

Failed Celebrity Estate Plans

Because the process of probate is public, many estate plans put their beneficiaries at risk of predators and those who would take advantage of even the smallest inheritances.

See some of the (in)famous wills discussed in Wear Clean Underwear as examples.

Last will and testament on yellowish paper with wooden judge gavel; document is mock-up

Take the next step

Whether you choose to move forward with working with a lawyer or not, the tools on this page are just the beginning of caring for your family when the inevitable happens. Many estate plans fail because laws and your life changes, and the inventory of what needs to be in your plan isn't kept up to date.

Use our FREE tool called the Personal Resource Map to build a clear path for your loved ones in the case of your incapacity or death.

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Find peace of mind for your family today

You've planned your kids’ birthday parties, playdates, and education. But have you adequately planned for the care of your family if the unthinkable happened? What provisions are needed in the first 24 hours while the officials locate your family members and arrange for your children's care?

Whether you use a Personal Family Lawyer or you start on your own, having a documented plan for the care of your children is essential. Get started today.