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The Personal Family Lawyer® Difference

Personal Family Lawyer® Plan Comparison Chart

6 distinct outcomes that are different with a Personal Family Lawyer® plan:

Traditional Documents Only PlanPersonal Family Lawyer® Plan
Immediate Process:

We make decisions today, and send you documents to review in about two weeks via email. You come back into our office two weeks later to sign the documents with our paralegal. You take them home, put them on a shelf or in a drawer and may never look at them again. Some questions you may be left with:

  • Will they really work?
  • Do they really do what you want?
  • What happens when things change in my life?
  • Will people know what to do when something happens to me?
  • Did I make the right decisions?
Immediate Process:

We make decisions today, and then 7-10 days from now, we send you confirmation of those decisions and call you to see if you want to change anything. We also send you a preliminary inventory of your assets, so you can see what we have and identify what’s missing. This ensures all the decisions you made were the right onesand none of your assets have been overlooked. You return in 4 weeks and we go over everything with you, including a full-color diagram of your plan so you truly understand it, and you sign knowing you made the right choices. We then get back together 4 weeks later to confirm assets are owned in the right way and pass on more than just your money and ensure you know how we can keep your plan up to date and working for life.

Guardian nominations:

Simply naming long-term guardians in a Will could leave your minor kids (or kids with special needs) at risk of being taken into the care of strangers, until a Court could get involved. Or your kids could be left in the care of someone you would not want.

Kids Protection Plan ® fills the holes that would leave your kids at risk of being taken into the care of strangers or into the care of anyone you would not want.
Mid-Term Process:

Plan once, put it in a drawer and forget it which means your plan will likely be out of date if you become incapacitated or when you die, leaving your family stuck dealing with the court or conflict.

Mid-Term Process:

Your Plan stays up to date so it works when your family needs it with a free review of your plan every 3 years (if not on membership), or if you are part of our annual membership program, a yearly review + free update to your plan as your life changes.

Your assets:

No inventory of your assets, which means that some of what you have could be lost or overlooked and end up part of the $58 Billion dollars in unclaimed property held throughout the US.

Documents only cover your financial assets, not the intangible assets that are most often lost when someone dies, such as your values, insights, stories and experience.

Your assets:

We inventory your assets and maintain this inventory throughout your life so your assets are not lost to the State Department of Unclaimed Property

We also ensure your assets are owned in the right way, both now and throughout the future, to ensure your plan keeps your family out of court and out of conflict, as you choose.

Legal documents:

Basic documents only, name the people you want to serve in various roles, but risk that they don’t know what to do or there is conflict when something happens to you. There could be confusion or additional cost due to lack of clarity at the time of your incapacity or death.

Legal documents:

Documents are prepared and will include all the features you choose to keep your assets out of court, and could protect the inheritance you are leaving behind from your heirs’creditors, divorce, or lawsuits. In addition, everyone named knows just what to do when something happens to you and is able to take action with ease and grace during a time of grief.

Long-Term Process:

Upon your incapacity or death, your family could be scrambling to figure out what to do, where to go, and how to handle things.

Long-Term Process:

We ensure everyone named in your plan knows what to do if anything happens to you and anyand all potential conflicts are addressed in advance, when you can do something about it before it’s a costly mess.

Family Wealth Planning Institute trained and licensed Personal Family Lawyers are the trusted advisors for you to look to for a lifetime of guidance, protection and love for yourself, your family and your assets.



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