Estate Planning 101: Wills vs Trusts

Wills and trusts are two of the most commonly used estate planning documents, and they form the foundation of most estate plans. While both documents are legal vehicles designed to distribute your assets to your loved ones upon your death, the way in which they work is quite different.

Estate Planning Must-Haves for Single Parents

Having an estate plan that covers the care of your children in case you should be in a severe accident, fall ill, or die welcomes peace of mind for the single parent knowing everything and everyone they love is taken care of.

10 Common Estate Planning Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

Without a thorough understanding of how the legal process works upon your death or incapacity and applies specifically to your family dynamics and the nature of your assets, you’ll likely make serious mistakes when creating a DIY will or trust.


How to Talk "Money" With the People You Love ... and Why It's a MUST DO This Holiday Season

We are in the greatest economic shift of our lives, and most of us are woefully unprepared. Learn to have the critical money conversations you need to have with your family and how to plan for these uncertain times.

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Wear Clean Underwear
Legacy isn’t just what happens after you die; it’s created moment by moment as a result of each decision you make throughout your life. Get the easy-to-understand guide for parents who want to leave their children with financial security, legal protection, and peace of mind.

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4 Year-End Tax-Saving Strategies For 2022

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Q&A: What is the federal estate tax?

QUESTION Q: What is the federal estate tax? — Tax Planner   ANSWER A: Dear  Planner, The federal estate tax is a tax on the value of a person’s assets…

How Will A Recession Affect Your Family?

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There is no shortage of advice flying around about estate planning, much of it from people who aren't even lawyers. Get insight on the popular pitfalls and how emerging economic shifts like cryptocurrency can affect your plan.

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To keep from leaving a mess for your family, what can you do yourself? What do you need a lawyer for? How do you make sure your wishes are followed? Watch our FREE training to get these answers and more. After you complete your Personal Resource Map, you'll be able to print this information for your family so they know exactly what you have, like a treasure map for the people you love.

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