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Nicole Newman

Nicole Newman

Newman Law Group
242 W Main St, Tustin, CA 92780, US

Attorney Nicole Y. Newman’s estate planning practice is focused on guiding her clients through the complicated and often confusing process of creating plans which encompass balancing family protection, preserving wealth, and reflecting cherished family values. Prior to opening her practice, Nicole was an associate at a Newport Beach firm that protected high-net worth families and their businesses through the design of sophisticated plans to pass along their assets with maximum protection from estate taxes, lawsuits, and probate litigation. In her own practice, she applies those same strategies to people in all financial brackets, knowing that everyone needs and deserves the same access to experienced guidance to protect their families and hard-earned assets. As a Personal Family Lawyer™, Nicole provides further benefits to her clients and their minor children through the Kid’s Protection Plan. She also encourages and guides her clients to pass along more than just their financial assets through the Priceless Conversation. By incorporating the principles of the Personal Family Lawyer™ program in her practice, Nicole seeks to become an on-going trusted advisor and lifelong resource to all her clients, assuring that she can be there for your family when you cannot be.

Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning, Caring for Elders, Special Needs Planning

Licensed In: California, USA

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