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Mark Petersen

Mark Petersen

Snake River Law PLLC
1156 East Center, Pocatello, ID 83201, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Family Business, Conscious Uncoupling, Kids Protection Planning, Asset Enhancement, Purposeful Pre-Nups

Licensed In: Idaho, USA

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My name is Mark Petersen and I am the owner of Snake River Law PLLC. I briefly want to share with you my background and why I am a “different” lawyer.
I went to law school with the ideology that I could make a difference in people’s lives – that I would serve as a trusted adviser and counselor on legal issues to proactively help my clients plan for their futures. I believed then and continue to believe today that a lawyer should be a client’s most trusted adviser and counselor throughout their lives not just for life’s crises. However, I found that most often my involvement with a client was a one time event of trying keep my clients from stumbling their way through a litigation nightmare, hoping that at the end of the road, the clients could salvage some sort of positive resolution.
If I wanted to accomplish my goal as a trusted, life-long adviser for my clients, I needed to become a “different” lawyer. So what makes me a “different” lawyer? What have I changed to help me become a trusted adviser and counselor for my clients?
The first thing that I have done with Snake River Law is to provide guaranteed flat fees on all estate planning, business formation and compliance, informal probates, uncontested adoptions, and uncontested divorce cases. I now charge only flat fees for these services so that my clients know up front exactly how much they will be charged – no hidden costs, no hourly fees, and no bills for telephone calls – with everything agreed to up front. My clients can meet, call, or email me and discuss with any issue or concern without worrying about be billed every 6 minutes at $200.00/hour.
Second, I have committed myself to provide my clients with top quality family, estate, and business planning to help protect themselves, their families, and their businesses. My clients not only receive carefully drafted planning documents for their specific family but also receive the long-term follow-up to make sure their planning documents are current. I strive to remain current on estate planning laws and trends along with providing clients with updated legal forms.
How do I make sure my clients planning documents are current? The Snake River Law PLLC VIP Membership programs allows me to maintain ongoing relationships with my clients at a minimum annual or monthly cost. What’s great about the membership program is that there are no additional charges for changing or updating their plan or business documents – all of this is included in the membership program. Clients in the membership programs are assured a long-term, positive relationship with me as their trusted advisor and counselor.
Finally, our planning documents focus on more than property and money – the plans also focus on the intellectual, spiritual, and value assets that my client’s hold dear to their hearts so that they pass on to their loved ones much more than just money – it allows them to pass on a portion of their lives and values.
My wife and four children have been great assets in my transformation. The love that I have for them and my desire to protect and care for them has been a great inspiration in becoming a “different” lawyer. They have brought me to an understanding that estate and business planning involves so much more than money – it includes providing a foundation of values to support my children throughout their lives. As a “different” lawyer I strive to provide the same service for my clients and their families.

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Areas of Practice
Snake River Law, a Pocatello, Idaho law firm, specializes in protecting your family and business by providing experienced legal services in Estate Planning, Wills, Kids Protection Planning, Guardianships, Trusts (including Living Trusts, Pet Trusts and Gun Trusts), Asset Protection, Business Formation (LLC, LLP, FLLP, S Corp, and C Corp), Business Compliance and Contracts, Business Consulting, Informal and Formal Probate, Trust Administration, Adoptions (including the Termination of Parental Rights), and Family Law (Premarital Agreements, Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support).
We serve clients throughout Idaho with our main focus in Southeast Idaho. We are ready to assist you with your legal issues and look forward to creating a lifelong relationship. Call today at (208) 406-9885 to schedule a confidential consultation.
Our Goal
Snake River Law understands the importance of the issues that you will bring to them for advice and legal counsel. That is why we demonstrate great compassion when meeting with you and assisting with important personal, family and business decisions that impact your day to day life. We strive to provide prompt service and resolution to all of your legal needs while limiting the stress and anxiety that is often part of legal issues.
Guaranteed Fees
Snake River Law offers its clients guaranteed flat fees for most of its services. We believe that this enhances our attorney-client relationships by promoting open communication without the concern over excessive attorney fees. No more concern over how high your bill will get for simply calling your attorney on the phone or sending an email to discuss your case.

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