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Rebecca Strub

Rebecca Strub

Strub Law LLC
46 Cleveland Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08904, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning

Licensed In: New Jersey, USA, New York, USA, Pennsylvania, USA

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Our appointments are by video conferencing.

NOTE: From our first "meeting" with you until signing your documents usually takes 4 weeks in my pre-Coronavirus workflow. While we will endeavor to expedite under the circumstances, now is a good time to make an appointment. As for signing, witnessing, and notarizing your documents, we are keeping up with any changes in the law and ideas to achieve the proper formalities while maintaining safety of all. We will discuss options available and their pros and cons as the time for your signing approaches.

Rebecca founded Strub Law LLC to to carry out the mission of helping people who want to secure the very best outcome for their family if they were not able to take care of their family themselves &, thus, leave a legacy of love (&, maybe, financial security). One focus is creating very comprehensive plans to keep your kids in the care you choose. We are committed to making the process of facing your death as easy and comfortable for you as possible while helping you to see how facing your death makes your life so much better.

Firm Description

At Strub Law LLC, we help busy professionals with minor children at home achieve peace of mind that their family and assets are protected, without worrying about court or conflict by creating personalized estate plans to capture, protect, and pass on their family wealth.

We charge only flat fees agreed to in advance. This, in turn, helps us fosters long-term relationships with clients in order to develop a plan that will take care of their families the way they want, even if they are not able to. We want to develop a relationship in which clients feel comfortable and “let us in”. We translate clients’ individual needs and desires into documents such as healthcare directives, powers of attorney, wills, and trusts. These legal documents are necessities, but they are byproducts of our relationship with our clients.

We also communicate regularly with our clients in order to help keep their plans up to date with their changing family, changing assets, and the changing law. A plan that is done once, stuck in a drawer and never looked at again is not going to be the best plan to take care of your family when the plan is needed most because something has happened to you.

We follow up over time or make sure our clients' assets are owned properly. If your plan doesn't stay up to date and your assets aren't owned properly, your family could have a huge mess to clean up when something happens to you. Strub Law LLC is here for you and can meet you where you are. Rebecca discusses your options in easy to understand language & won’t throw legal terms around without explaining them.

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