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Angel Latterell

Angel Latterell

Latterell Law
1037 NE 65th St #324, Seattle, WA 98115, US


Industry Focus: Asset Enhancement, Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Family Business, Kids Protection Planning, Money Mapping, Purposeful Pre-Nups

Licensed In: Washington, USA

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Lawyer Profile

II am a woman of many hats with one mission – empowerment and transformation of the individual and the world they impact. All of my work is geared toward my clients being able to see where they have choices, options, autonomy, and responsibility in their life & legacy, business & planning. Knowing these things is the path to a fulfilled life, a love filled legacy, and success in any endeavor.

Firm Description

My firm focuses on being a proactive, empowering advisor for small businesses and life and legacy (estate) planning. I work with small and micro businesses to set them up with strategic systems, implementing a firm foundation to grow from abundantly and be protected. It is my goal to be a trusted advisor who you work with to prevent challenges, as opposed to the traditional model of being who you call when you encounter trouble. I do estate planning for everyone from the well-off, to the working-class individual or family, limited income senior, or a young entrepreneur with small children. I do Life & Legacy planning with individuals and families to ensure they are set up in a way that allows for your loved ones to have what they need when you are no longer here.

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