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Jennifer Blair

Jennifer Blair

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Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning, Adult Guardianship, Caring for Elders, Pet Trusts, Probate Process, Trust Administration

Licensed In: California, USA

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I enjoy working with families of all types and at all stages. As a mother, wife, and daughter of elderly parents, I understand the demands and time limitations we all face daily. I am dedicated to providing a personal, caring, and friendly estate planning experience with your family in mind.

I am committed to earning your trust by becoming your Personal Family Lawyer™️. My goal is to work alongside you to prepare so that your family will feel loved and supported when you are not present to provide those comforts personally. For instance, if you have minors, I will assist you with naming short-term and long-term guardians. I will guide you through a decision-making process that helps you make financial decisions about where and how your assets will be held and then ultimately how they will be handled once you pass on. More importantly, I will encourage and invite you to record a "legacy Interview," allowing you to leave your words of wisdom, love, and encouragement to your family. This recording is something families will cherish and share for generations to come.

I know estate planning can make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable, and I want to work with you to overcome your hesitation. I am willing to meet clients where they are most comfortable. I currently meet with most clients virtually — via phone, email & video conferencing and then return to in-person planning appointments when possible.

Firm Description

What makes working with me different?

I meet my clients exactly where they are. I have systems to support my clients to protect what is most important to them. These systems allow me to welcome clients of all stages in life, which includes: older teens ready to move out and head to college; single adult professionals; young families with young children; seasoned parents with older teens or young adults; or clients leaning into or already living in their twilight years.

No matter who you are or where you are in this process, I am prepared to help you achieve what you intend for you and your family. My firm works hard to develop working relationships with the professionals you already depend on, such as accountants, financial advisors, personal bankers, or insurance specialists. Suppose you do not have pre-existing relationships with these other professionals and find you need these types of services. In that case, I will work alongside you to make those connections and build those relationships. I am part of a network of estate planning professionals who can provide support should we need specialized advice or counsel to achieve your goals.

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