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Michael Jahn

Michael Jahn

The Law Office of Michael P Jahn
12641 Antioch Rd #1136, Overland Park, KS 66213, US

Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning, Probate Process

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For the past 20 years, I’ve been practicing in another area of law, but due to the pandemic, and reports about death in the news every day; I began to recall the deaths of my parents who passed away without an effective estate plan and the havoc it caused. As a result, I decided to make a complete shift to serve families to make sure that what happened in my family doesn’t happen to your family. I have joined as a Personal Family Lawyer member to provide estate planning for clients in Kansas and Michigan to help your family stay out of court and out of conflict.

Firm Description

The Law Office of Michael P Jahn is not your father's estate plan. One that will likely not work when it is needed. We want to educate you so you make the best plan for your family that will really work so that they people you love can stay out of conflict and out of court with loving memories of you. Your true wealth is not just the passing of money, but all the intangibles.

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