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Douglas Bolsover

Douglas Bolsover

5325 Elkhorn Blvd. #568, Sacramento, CA 95842, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Family Business, Kids Protection Planning, Asset Protection

Licensed In: California, USA

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Lawyer Profile

Douglas Bolsover is a California licensed attorney who provides business and estate planning services to families and individuals throughout northern California.

After a 30-year aircraft maintenance career with the airlines, where his expertise was preventing problems, he transitioned into business and estate planning. Prior to setting up his firm, Doug worked at a family law firm in Rocklin. He quickly discovered that preventing problems and conflict is almost impossible by the time a divorcing couple retain lawyers.
He now applies the same intense passion for preventing problems in the air into helping families prevent legal problems on the ground.

Doug’s goal is to secure the future of families and individuals by careful planning today. Counseling and guiding them through the complex financial and legal decisions necessary to develop functional plans is his area of expertise. He uses estate planning not only to preserve the family’s wealth, but their legacy as well. His primary focus is on families with young children. Doug is ready to guide families and individuals in developing a plan that will protect loved ones when that protection is needed most.

Doug was born in New York, spent his formative years in Colorado, then landed in California where he married, planted roots, and raised his five children. He is now the proud grandfather of two granddaughters. In his free time, Doug enjoys water skiing, pursuing his Private Pilot rating, off-road motorcycles, hiking, political discussion, and taking care of his grandchildren. He currently resides with his wife in the Sacramento area and his grown children have all established their own roots with within five miles of their childhood home.

Doug earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and his Juris Doctor from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento.

Firm Description

My firm is dedicated to find a way to prevent problems, and a practice that aligns with my values. My firm is dedicated to a more personal approach to the estate planning process. A process that allows counseling clients to develop a plan that is right for them. Planning that keeps the distribution of your personal and business assets as well as your loved ones out of court, protects your children from being placed in the care of strangers, and providing an opportunity to pass on the other component of wealth, legacy, and your values is the better way to prevent problems.

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