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Stephen Harry

Stephen Harry

Oklahoma City, OK 73112, US
3030 Northwest Express Way Suite 200, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning

Licensed In: Oklahoma, USA

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Prior to starting my bankruptcy practice I worked as a Senior Vice President in the mortgage business for approximately 25 years. During my time as a mortgage banker I graduated from Oklahoma City School of Law.

I graduated from Oklahoma City School of Law in December 2004. I passed the Oklahoma City Bar exam in February 2005.

My prior experience in home loan financing gave me insight and understanding to help people maintain home ownership. Helping my clients obtain a "fresh start" allows them to obtain home ownership and maintain an important asset for themselves and their families. Struggling with debt creates a tremendous economical and physical stress for my clients. The ability to ease the burden of debt and establish a feeling of hope is the driving force of my practice.

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