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Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen

Law Mom, LLC
482 Keene St., Duxbury, MA 02332, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Family Business, Money Mapping, Kids Protection Planning, Special Needs Planning, Caring for Elders, Trust Administration, Asset Protection, Pet Trusts

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Lawyer Profile

Samantha Allen, a Massachusetts Attorney, Counselor at Law, Owner of Law Mom, LLC, wife, and mommy to her son - Wes. Samantha's legal experience started at the Wareham District Courthouse; from there, she worked for a big law firm in Boston, MA, which led her to opening her general practice law firm. She felt that there was more, something that she needed to do, and I hadn't figured it out yet. In 2019, the message was clear, and the "message" was right in front of her face. Have you ever thought to yourself, I am young or I am healthy, I don't need an estate plan? Truthfully, even as an attorney, the last thing she wanted to think about was an estate plan.

After a healthy pregnancy, Sam, a 33-year-old healthy woman, became deathly ill and almost lost her life after giving birth. After her own experience and learning that approximately 69% of parents do not have an estate plan for their family, she opened Law Mom, LLC. Law Mom is a Massachusetts Estate Planning Firm with a modern legal approach - focused on your specific family dynamic, keeping your family out of court and conflict.

Samantha’s greatest accomplishment is being a mom to her son, Wes. Also, she is a “fur mama” to her cat, Gigi, and her dog, Skyla. And she is married to her soul mate, Nick!

Firm Description

Law Mom is one of only a few Massachusetts law firms to have earned the designation of Personal Family Lawyer® by the Family Wealth Planning Institute, not only available to the rich and famous, but to everyone of us who wants to make life as easy as possible for our loved ones and leave the world a better place. Our unique system gives you the same access to a personal family lawyer® as was previously only available to people like The Kennedys, and Bill Gates. With Law Mom - you get the guidance you need to build, and maintain a life of prosperity, wealth, and legacy management.

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