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Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen

Law Mom, LLC
482 Keene St., Duxbury, MA 02332, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Money Mapping, Kids Protection Planning, Special Needs Planning, Trust Administration

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Attorney Samantha “Sam” Allen’s estate planning practice focuses on educating her community and helping families meet their goals by planning today to secure their loved one’s futures tomorrow.

Sam excels at building long term relationships with each of her clients because, to her, every client truly matters. She excels at assisting clients in meeting their financial and legal decisions to create plans that secure each client’s family goals. Sam will help you design a plan that will achieve your goals for your family’s future.

Before attending law school, Sam had a growing passion for the law at a very young age. She started her legal career interning during high school at the Wareham District Court House, from there she spent time working for a variety of law firms throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and the Greater Boston area.

Sam graduated from Roger Williams University School of Law, where she was the Vice President of the Women’s Law Society, a member of the International Law Society, and a Phi Alpha Delta Member. While at Roger Williams Law School, Samantha worked for a well-respected firm in the Boston area overseeing interns while assisting Attorneys with high net worth clients, estate plans, and business development.

After starting her own family, Sam has chosen to focus on Trusts and Estates. Her passion is to educate her community while helping ensure that families truly create secure futures for their loved ones and secure all of their goals.

Samantha’s greatest accomplishment is being a mom to her son, Wes. Also, she is a “fur mama” to her cat, Gigi, and her dog, Skyla.

Firm Description

I am Samantha Allen, a Massachusetts Attorney, Counselor at Law, Owner of Law Mom, LLC, wife, and mommy to my son Wes.

My legal experience started at the Wareham District Courthouse; from there, I worked for a big law firm in Boston, MA, which led me to opening my general practice law firm. I felt that there was more, something that I needed to do, and I hadn't figured it out yet. In 2019, the message was clear, and the "message" was right in front of my face.
Have you ever thought to yourself, I am young, I don't need an estate plan?

Truthfully, even as an attorney, the last thing I wanted to think about was an estate plan. I was young and healthy and my husband was young and healthy. I didn't want to think about death, I was scared of the one thing that is guaranteed in life. 

Almost right after we met, we started flipping properties, eventually purchasing and renovating our home. From there, we were married, he started a company, I started two companies, while working a full-time job. And in between all of that we found out we were pregnant! The two of us were enjoying life with little care in the world. After all, we were only in our 30's, young and healthy.

THEN... After a healthy pregnancy, I, a 33-year-old healthy woman, became deathly ill and almost lost my life after giving birth. Our lives turned upside down. The home I once knew was turned into a makeshift hospital with nurses and caretakers for what felt like an eternity.

Nick and I realized that we weren't invincible; age didn't matter. Together we had worked so hard to build a life for our family. And in the blink of an eye, we almost lost everything. If something were to happen to us, we didn't want our family searching for assets, taking care of our business matters, or having to deal with a long drawn out court process. And most importantly, making decisions for our sweet baby, Wes.

After my own experience and learning that approximately 69% of parents do not have an estate plan for their family, I opened Law Mom.  Law Mom is an estate planning firm with a modern legal approach, designed by a parent for parents.
Our goal is to educate our community, on "HOW TO" make empowered, informed decisions keeping loved ones out of court and conflict, while preserving legacies.
We have thrown out the time clocks! Everything is done on a flat-fee basis, agreed to in advance, so there are never any surprises.  We strongly encourage consistent and frequent communication with our clients.  

We believe that your plan should grow with your family. We answer your questions at your convenience, and we meet in person or virtually to discuss changes in life circumstances and the law to ensure that your assets are protected. Most importantly, we make sure the most important planning details are followed through on and your plan continues to work throughout your lifetime.

Law Mom is one of only a few Massachusetts law firms to have earned the designation of Personal Family Lawyer® by the Family Wealth Planning Institute, not only available to the rich and famous, but to everyone of us who wants to make life as easy as possible for our loved ones and leave the world a better place. Our unique system gives you the same access to a personal family lawyer as was previously only available to people like the Kardashians, The Kennedys, and Bill Gates. With Law Mom, you get the guidance you need to build and maintain a life of prosperity, wealth, and legacy management.

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