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Klea Harris

Klea Harris

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Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning

Licensed In: Utah, USA

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In 2003, my husband Mike and I sat in the office of our own estate planner, someone we knew who gave us what we thought was a great deal. We had recently completed a foreign adoption, growing our young family from two children to four overnight. Mike and I realized the importance of formalizing a guardian for our growing family should the two of us pass away. We left that meeting feeling we had finally completed a rite of passage in emergency preparedness.

It was also in that office I first considered law school. Two years later, with five young children, and the full support from my mom and Mike , I entered Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark School of Law.

Years later, my personal life transitioned to caring for my aging parents and elderly grandparents. In 2016, I turned my attention to elder law and estate planning. I was still frustrated about the document driven nature of estate planning in general, and searched for a better way.

Here’s what I mean.

While in law school, I learned our own estate planning documents were never properly executed, never fully explained, and had elements we didn’t agree to. What we thought was an amazing deal turned out to be a mess.

Even as an estate lawyer for the past 4 years, I’ve struggled to see how to better serve my clients.

First, most clients filled out one-size-fits-all forms, where we drafted estate plans, and then provided them with their documents in a nice binder, trusting the client to take care of transferring their own assets. Those binders usually went in a safe, or on a shelf, and weren’t thought of again until someone passed away.

Those documents never worked properly if they did not complete their asset transfers or easily became outdated, as assets changed and family relationships evolved.

All that was about to change. This past year I discovered a new way to provide for my clients. I could become not just a one-and-done estate planning attorney, but a lifelong Personal Family Lawyer.

I saw firsthand the peace brought to my own family relationships as I prepared estate plans for myself, my parents and grandparents in this new way. They are plans tailored to us, our values and wishes for our children and grandchildren, not just our fiscal assets, but also our precious heirlooms and personal stories too. Knowing my younger children will benefit from my Kids Protection Plan and seeing our family respond to my grandmother’s legacy video that I recorded a few months before her passing solidified my passion to become a different kind of lawyer.

These documents don’t live in a binder unchanged for years. Any time assets change, or relationships evolve, my parents’ estate plans can be updated to reflect those changes. It’s all built into this new process. In fact, with this new way of serving, of being a lifelong Personal Family Lawyer, clients automatically schedule time to revisit plans either annually or every 3 years, depending on what maintenance plan each client prefers.

With flat fee billing any of my clients can feel free to contact me and my team with questions, without worrying about being billed by the hour.

I started Angel Advocates PLLC because I enjoy providing you with a lifelong Personal Family Lawyer, rather than mindlessly preparing documents that will never be revisited, and therefore be invalid when they are needed most.

I excel in helping young families and retirees, people like you, who want to plan and prepare your children for a time when you are no longer able to guide and protect them on earth, a time when you become their guardian angel through your living estate plan.

I graduated from the J. Reuben Clark School of Law in 2007, and received awards in legal writing, community service and the prestigious J. Reuben Clark Law Society Fellowship. Mike and I have lived in Utah Valley with our six children for the past 24 years. We enjoy hiking the many National Parks together.

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