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Cris Carter

Cris Carter

Cris Carter Law, LLC
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Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Asset Enhancement, Kids Protection Planning, Special Needs Planning

Licensed In: Colorado, USA

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Firm Description

We are the go-to Estate Planning Law Firm for Families. Being parents, grandparents and part of a family ourselves, we know that thinking about your family’s future when you are no longer around can be heart wrenching and difficult. Taking this step was the hardest part. Now that you are here, we will guide you and do everything possible to make the next steps as easy as possible for you.

I look forward to learning your story, hearing what matters to you, and helping you discover what’s actually needed to keep your loved ones out of court and out of conflict when something happens to you (or them). We specialize in creating wills and trusts to achieve your goals.

We are confident that by acting now to protect your family’s future that you can stop worrying and start living for today. We know that by being proactive and providing for your loved ones’ financial security, prosperity, well-being, and life after you are gone is an important priority for you.

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