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Amanda Batsche

Amanda Batsche

708 West Summit Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78212, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning, Asset Enhancement, Special Needs Planning, Guardianship, Trust Administration, Probate Process, Asset Protection

Licensed In: Texas, USA

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Lawyer Profile

I am a teacher, a problem-solver, and peacemaker. I feel fortunate to have found a vocation that allows me to do both of these at the same time. I love learning about peoples stories, and love how stories can connect even the most unlikely of friends. Most days you can find me around town meeting new people, learning their stories and teaching others about how the law applies to their family. It’s my hope and desire that every family in our community know about the legal protections they can put in place to care for their children.

While being a lawyer is a part of who I am, it is not the only piece. I am in a season where mothering has become a big part of what I do. I think that is just what happens when your children are little and I am okay with that, because as I have learned quickly: babies don’t keep and they are only little once. I am also known for my love of urban living, cooking, baking, and helping my husband with our little “urban homestead”. I am learning more about gardening and raising chickens than I ever thought I’d care to know, but it is proving to be a fun little endeavor.

I love serving our community by empowering families and protecting children through educating their caregivers. By educating families about estate planning (or as you will often hear me call it, essential planning), I am able to help people take an active role in in what happens to their assets and loved ones long after they have lost their own voice. I am most passionate about raising my little boys, learning people’s stories, and having life-giving conversations. This law office has allowed for me to vocationally live out my passions and spend my time and energy in the community that I love.


Firm Description

When most professionals talk about Wills, Trusts, guardians for children and the like, they talk about “estate planning”. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “estate plan” I envision something grandiose, a large castle like building. Quite frankly, most of the people I know don’t have estates like that. I believe everyone should have some type of planning. Estate plans (or an essential plan) are not just about your money and your net value. An Estate Plan is about your loved ones, everything you have worked hard for, and the legacy you want to create. That why I have decided to call it Essential Planning. Because it isn’t just for the wealthy, it is for you, me…and just about everyone.

I also know what it is like to be a busy parent. I know what it is like to worry. That’s why I have made the process simple, straight forward, and teach you along the way. Ready to get started?

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