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Ali Katz

Ali Katz

Family Wealth Planning Institute
Virtual Office, Redondo Beach, CA, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Purposeful Pre-Nups, Family Business, Asset Enhancement, Money Mapping, Kids Protection Planning

Licensed In: California, USA

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Lawyer Profile

Ali Katz graduated first in her class from Georgetown University Law Center in 1999 and went on to become an associate at the law firm of Munger, Tolles & Olson for three years before opening her own firm, Martin Neely & Associates, in Redondo Beach, CA in 2003.

Alexis then went on to write the best-selling book on legal planning for families, Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly -- and Essential -- Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents, and appeared on numerous news programs and throughout the media sharing the 6 common mistakes parents make when naming legal guardians for their children. She also created the website where parents can name legal guardians for their children online, for free.

Alexis also founded the Family Wealth Planning Institute to educate families and their advisors about how to plan for and pass on an inheritance of true wealth, covering far more than just money. And founded Eyes Wide Open Life, a company dedicated to supporting people to create their lives and incomes awake, aware and on their terms. Finally, she created the Enough Course, the Money Map to Freedom and the LIFT Foundation System and Toolkit to guide people to create their lives and incomes with their eyes wide open.

Today, Alexis is the CEO of New Law Business Model, training lawyers on the new law business model she created while in private practice and she works with a select few private clients to resolve sticky internal and external conflicts and to refine and expand their life and income models using new paradigm principles. And, Alexis is transitioning her company Eyes Wide Open into a “share the wealth” For-Profit Enterprise with a new paradigm business model that will support all those involved in the enterprise to step into their own financial liberation and personal sovereignty.

Most importantly, Alexis is the mom of two teenagers who keep her learning, growing and evolving daily.

Firm Description

The Family Wealth Planning Institute mission is to help families and business owners to create a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving. It does so by supporting families (including those who work together in business) to heal the inter-generational divide by building bridges of trust between the generations. In addition, the Family Wealth Planning Institute is redefining our understanding of inheritance from money passed on at death to an understanding that inheritance is actually passed on all throughout life by how we model our values for the next (and prior) generations.

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