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Eileen Maastricht

Eileen Maastricht

Law Offices of Eileen A. Maastricht, P.A.
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Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning, Special Needs Planning

Licensed In: Florida, USA

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Lawyer Profile

I am a native of Miami, Florida. I went to undergrad at Arizona State University and then law school at DePaul University in Chicago. I went to law school because I really wanted to help people. Wills & Trusts, and believe it or not, taxation, were my favorite classes. Nevertheless, I kind of fell into commercial litigation during my third year of law school because of a good opportunity that was presented to me at the time.

Upon graduation, I stayed with commercial litigation for awhile, but it never felt quite like the right fit. After about seven years, I went out on my own, which was always my ultimate goal. I took on several commercial litigation cases at the outset but quickly transitioned into wills, trusts, estate planning, probate and guardianship. That is thanks to an early mentor who I met on the golf course.

I did build a successful practice and became intimately familiar with the need for planning; the need to create solid protection for kids; the need for advance directives; with family dynamics in non-stressful and stressful times; with the gift that planning is to the loved ones left behind; and with the chaos, expense and frustration that families endure when their loved one did no planning.

By way of background, I am also a licensed property & casualty insurance agent. I am an avid reader, I love to work-out and love to golf. Most of my free time right now, though, is spent chasing around my beautiful two-year-old daughter.

As your attorney, I am able to offer you my experience, my compassion, and my appreciation for each day that we have on this earth. Let's get your estate planning done so that you can go on living your best life possible, without the gnawing thoughts about "what if?" And if it is a post-death matter of a loved one with which you need help, let's get it going so that you can be sure to meet all applicable deadlines, and get closure on the matter in your journey of healing.

Firm Description

Planning at Maastricht Law Offices is not about obtaining a set of cookie-cutter documents and going on your way.

We listen, we educate, we empower; we are serious about designing a plan that actually fits your unique family; about making sure that your plan works; all of your assets are listed and accounted for so that they don't revert to the state; assets are titled as they need to be; your trusted agents have copies of documents relevant to them; your plan accomplishes your goals; and your plan is reviewed at least every three years.

Further, we encourage communication with us, and we help you memorialize your most important assets, which are your stories, experiences, insights, and values.

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