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Sue Hunt

Sue Hunt

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501 Simpson St., Greensboro, NC 27401, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning, Family Business

Licensed In: North Carolina, USA

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Lawyer Profile

Sue Hunt’s estate planning practice focuses on helping families enhance their lives today and secure their futures tomorrow. Sue Hunt is a strategist who loves puzzles and people. She enjoys using this uncommon combination to analyze the many threads of your life, and to listen to your goals and priorities for the future. Then Sue guides you through the often confusing maze of financial and legal decisions to create plans that best protect you and your family and accomplishes your family goals.

“I have had both good and bad personal experiences with the law, so my staff and I are always looking out for you—and protect you like we’d protect our families and ourselves. I don’t mean that as a cliché. We are proactive, thoughtful, and thorough when we examine all the possible risks you face. Negating those risks puts a smile on our clients’ faces and ours.”
Her considerable legal expertise includes family protection, wealth preservation, and values-based planning, as well as planning strategies for unmarried couples, same sex couples, blended families, and divorced individuals. Whether you are married or single, with a traditional family or blended one, just starting out or looking back on a life well-lived, Sue will help you craft a plan that achieves your goals for your loved ones today and for years to come.

Sue earned her Juris Doctor degree from Wake Forest University School of Law in 1994. She is a member of the North Carolina State Bar, the North Carolina and Greensboro Bar Associations. She is also a member of the Greensboro chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, WealthCounsel, a national organization of Estate Planning Attorneys and financial professionals, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Greensboro Chapter of The Women’s Professional Forum. Sue is originally from Springfield, Illinois, and grew up in the tiny town of Rising Sun, Indiana, but Greensboro, North Carolina, has been her home since 1989.

Firm Description

As an attorney, I take nothing for granted and believe nothing is routine. With our experience, we know all the eventualities you could face with your legal situation. We examine each one to help you make educated decisions. So whether it’s preparing a Will or Trust or domestic partnership agreement, you are protected now and in the future.

I know first-hand the benefit of good legal planning and the pain of inadequate preparation. So we approach law a little differently:

We charge a flat fee for most of our services. We want you to ask all your questions, not watch the billing clock. At our initial meeting you will choose the level of planning and fee that works best for your family, so there will never be any surprises.

We keep you informed and make sure your plan works. We don’t just prepare a set of legal documents for you and send you on your way. We make sure your assets are owned in the right way, we make sure there is a good plan in place for your kids, we ensure everyone you’ve named in your plan knows what to do if anything happens to you.

We form partnerships with our clients—you are not forgotten when you walk out the door. We check in periodically to keep your affairs up-to-date.
We review your plan for free at least every 3 years (and annually through our Family Wealth VIP Membership program). We foster a lifetime, ongoing relationship with our clients. Throughout your life, things change: you change; your assets change; your family changes; the law will definitely change.

We have a team in place to answer your quick questions and to make the planning process incredibly easy and painless for you and your family. We have a process for helping you make sure that your assets are titled in the right way, both now and over your lifetime.

We help you get your legal and financial house in order by helping you make smart choices about things like buying insurance, saving for college, and retirement planning so you never spend more than you have to or get taken advantage of by unscrupulous sales people.

We make our office welcoming so you don’t dread coming to see us. We work out of a big old house and bring our dogs to work.

Our approach must be working—our clients ask us to keep champagne in the fridge. They tell me they walk out feeling like they want to raise a glass, because protection is worth celebrating.

Call or email us today to see how we can be your strategic, protective solution provider.

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