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If you are a lawyer looking for a better way to practice law and serve families in your community, you are in the right place.

Does this sound like you?

You want to make absolutely sure you are helping the families in your community do the right thing by their loved ones, not just put in place a one-size fits all plan, that may or may not work with they need it.

You want to help families in your community be better parents and adult children, not just get a set of form estate planning documents in place.

You want to do right by parents who have minor children at home, and ensure their kids are not left at risk if anything happens to them.

You want to be a trusted advisor to the people you serve.

If you’re ready to serve families in an entirely new way; one where you are the trusted legal advisor to your clients, begin here:

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Perhaps you are already serving clients in an effective way that truly makes a difference in your clients’ lives, helping them to become better parents and citizens in their communities.

If so, we’re ready to help you expand your reach. We know that the more parents you serve, the better the world will be.

Apply here to become a licensed Personal Family Lawyer®.

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If you reviewed the application and are not currently qualified because you have not fully incorporated the New Law Business Model way of practice or because you do not have the comprehensive training to serve parents in the way we teach, that’s okay!

We can still help you become the lawyer you’ve always wanted to be. Simply let us know here that you are truly ready to become a lawyer your clients love. We’ll be in touch to begin your training.

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