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Amie Mendoza

Kind of Lawyer I Used To Be....

I graduated in 2011 and instead of getting a job in law, I began working in the tech industry. But after a serious health crisis, I took a hard look at exactly what it was I wanted to spend my time doing and the impact I wanted to be making. In early 2014, I decided to quit my job and launch into my own law practice full time. I was a new mom and I really wanted to make a difference in the world while also being with my son more and I was certain that having my own business was the way to do that. I had a small safety net that I was sure would be plenty of money until I started making a lot of money as a lawyer, because that’s why lawyers do, right? Well, not exactly. That first year in business for myself I only made $40k a year and I worked far harder that year than I did in my full time job when I was making 6 figures. What I had learned in law school felt completely worthless because although I could write a brief and research the law, I didn’t know how to market myself or get clients in the door, so it didn’t much matter what I had learned in law school. I was practicing as a “door lawyer” and I didn’t like it at all. I wanted to be making a difference and instead I was just trying to make ends meet. Around the time that I knew I needed to make a big shift, I found Ali’ program and it really clicked for me and so I took a leap of faith, because I didn’t know how to make my practice successful any other way.

My Life and Law Practice Now...

Since that first payment to the program on a credit card, I have never had to use my credit card to pay for the membership again. In my first two weeks of the program, I had my first trust client on the books and that more than paid for my membership. I had never charged that much for a plan before (I had always provided estate planning documents cheap), but I knew unequivocally how much value the clients were getting from this system and felt great about the fees I charge and my clients are thrilled to pay for the value. That first client was overjoyed at what she learned and how much she received as a result of our working together. When I am in the office, just 4 days a week, time is blocked for working on the business and meeting with my team and clients by appointment only. My Client Services Director runs the show, which is what I learned to implement as a result of this program. I get to enjoy days by the pool, more time with my son and my life is just easy now.


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