What Happens During a Family Wealth Planning Session?

During your Family Wealth Planning Session your Personal Family Lawyer will provide some background and history about how he or she came to practice as a Personal Family Lawyer and share how working with a Personal Family Lawyer is different than working with a traditional lawyer

For example, there are no hourly fees when working with a Personal Family Lawyer.  Imagine that, a lawyer who isn't billing you every time you call the office!?!

There's other things too, but you'll have to wait to hear what they are from your Personal Family Lawyer because all Personal Family Lawyer offices operate slightly differently, but for the most part you can expect a lawyer who is affordable and accessible and will give you the peace of mind of knowing you never have to make another financial or legal decision without guidance and who will be there for your family when you can't be.

And, you can expect responsive, caring counsel.  Regular reviews of your estate planning documents.  A whole team approach to customer service, unlike anything you've ever experienced with a lawyer before, and all around good feeling.  The rest you really have to hear about during your Planning Session.

Then, you will share your background and history so your Personal Family Lawyer can get a good understanding of where you are now and what's most important to you. 

Together, you will walk through the Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment you prepared in advance of your meeting and your Personal Family Lawyer will let you know what would happen to everyone you love and everything you own if something were to happen to you now.

If you decide the current state of affairs is unacceptable, your Personal Family Lawyer will discuss your planning options with you and help you to make the best decisions about how to get your affairs in order and keep them that way throughout your lifetime for the maximum convenience and care of the people you love.