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Personal Family Lawyer in Conscious Uncoupling

Alexis Neely

Alexis Neely

Endorsed Member

Family Wealth Planning Institute
Virtual Office, Redondo Beach, CA, USA

Alexis Neely graduated first in her class from Georgetown University Law Center in 1999 and went on to become an associate at the law firm of Munger, Tolles & Olson for three years before opening her own firm, Martin Neely & Associates, in Redondo Beach, CA in 2003.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Purposeful Pre-Nups, Family Business, Asset Enhancement, Money Mapping, Kids Protection Planning

Licensed In: California, USA

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Gerald Kane

Gerald Kane

Endorsed Member

Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane
16255 Ventura Blvd #510, Encino, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Attorney Gerald L. Kane founded Gerald L. Kane & Associates in 1994, located in Encino, California. As a Personal Family Lawyer™ with the Family Wealth Institute he has devoted the last fourteen years to helping thousands of families and businesses in southern California achieve their goals of protecting their wealth through innovative estate and business planning. Gerald likes to think of his firm as a caring, forward-looking, problem-solving vehicle for legally and financially transitioning families, especially today's young family with small children, into the future.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning, Asset Enhancement, Conscious Uncoupling, Caring for Elders, Special Needs Planning

Licensed In: California, USA

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Amie Mendoza

Amie Mendoza

Law Offices of Amie Mendoza
4425 E Agave; Suite 106, Phoenix, AZ, USA

People thought I was crazy when I started law school. I was already established in the technology field, so why make the move? But I wanted more. I didn’t feel like the work I was doing was making enough of a difference, and I felt like I was meant for something else. I loved technology, but I couldn’t stop there.So, I went to law school with huge and undefined aspirations– I wanted to help people.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Kids Protection Planning, Family Business

Licensed In: Arizona, USA

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Deb Urbaitis

Deb Urbaitis

Courteous Law, P.C.
45 Gould St, Henniker, NH, USA

Attorney Deb Bess Urbaitis received her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University in 1993. She spent several years teaching 5th graders at an Outdoor Education Center in east Texas and raft guiding in North Carolina and Tennessee. She then earned her Juris Doctorate from Franklin Pierce Law Center.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Purposeful Pre-Nups, Family Business, Asset Enhancement, Kids Protection Planning, Special Needs Planning

Licensed In: New Hampshire, USA

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Dennis Berkbigler

Dennis Berkbigler

Berkbigler Law Office
208 S. Second Street, Effingham, IL 62401, USA

Except for his education and a six-year stint (1989-1995) in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Berkbigler is a life-long resident of Effingham County, Illinois. Since his return to Effingham from California, he has been a sole practioner specializing in civil litigation with an emphasis on family law matters and the representation of persons and families who have suffered injuries or death caused by the wrongful conduct of others. He is presently expanding his practice to include Estate Planning services as well.

Specialty Focus: Conscious Uncoupling, Purposeful Pre-Nups, Estate Planning

Licensed In: Illinois, USA

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Erik Hartstrom

Erik Hartstrom

Estate Plan Pros
9381 E. Stockton Blvd, Suite 200, Elk Grove, CA, USA

Erik is the founding attorney of the Elk Grove law firm, Estate Plan Pros. Erik has practiced law in the Sacramento area for over a decade, focusing on Estate planning law and family law. In Estate Planning, Erik works with clients to make the process simple, so clients can focus on more important things. He is a local authority for specialized estate planning instruments, like Special Needs Trust, Irrevocable Trusts, or other focused documents. Erik has litigated, negotiated, and mediated the gamut of family law cases. With this unique perspective as a family law and estate attorney he can often spot issues otherwise overlooked.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Special Needs Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Asset Enhancement, Kids Protection Planning

Licensed In: California, USA

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Heather Bliss

Heather Bliss

Bliss Law Group
1105 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, WA, USA

Founder and owner of the Bliss Law Group, Heather Z. Bliss, was drawn to family law largely because of the unexpected tragic loss of both her parents at a young age. Her and her brothers experienced a unique childhood after their parents’ deaths, and this incited her passion for helping families navigate through the legal system and the potential turmoil they face when dealing with court and the legal world when it directly impacts children and families. Her hope is to assist in alleviating stress and pain, and to help navigate the family to a successful resolution of their legal issues.

Specialty Focus: Conscious Uncoupling, Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning, Asset Enhancement

Licensed In: Washington, USA

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Jon Olinger

Jon Olinger

The Law Office of Jon J. Olinger, L.L.C
116 E Berry Street 10th floor, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Asset Enhancement, Caring for Elders, Conscious Uncoupling

Licensed In: Indiana, USA

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Jordan Jacob

Jordan Jacob

The Law Office of Jordan W. Jacob
PO BOX 540733, Greenacres, FL, USA

First and foremost, Jordan is dedicated to his loving wife, Priscilla, and their beautiful daughter, Sophia (and their second daughter on the way). Jordan is also passionate about serving and educating his community in Palm Beach County, as well as assisting his clients all throughout South Florida. Jordan's ultimate passion is working with young parents and educating them on the importance of planning for their future and their children's future. Being a parent himself, and having indirectly experienced the pitfalls of both do-it-yourself planning and complete failure to plan, Jordan understands the need for other parents to protect both their material assets and their spiritual, intellectual and human legacy. More importantly, Jordan understands the unquestioned need for young parents to have a specific, detailed protection plan in place for kids in the event something should happen to one or both parents.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Family Business, Kids Protection Planning, Special Needs Planning

Licensed In: Florida, USA

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Mark Petersen

Mark Petersen

Snake River Law PLLC
1156 East Center, Pocatello, ID, USA

My name is Mark Petersen and I am the owner of Snake River Law PLLC. I briefly want to share with you my background and why I am a “different” lawyer.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Family Business, Conscious Uncoupling, Kids Protection Planning, Asset Enhancement, Purposeful Pre-Nups

Licensed In: Idaho, USA

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Mark Threadgill

Mark Threadgill

Threadgill Law Firm, PLLC
5100 Andrews Highway, Midland, TX, USA
3800 E 42nd St. #601, Odessa, TX, USA

As a lifelong West Texan, Mr. Threadgill learned early on that adversity breeds character. He grew up in Lubbock, Texas and began practicing law in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. While there, it became apparent that the “Big City Life” was not the best place to raise his family. The Threadgill family packed up, moved to the Permian Basin and has not looked back. Giving back to the community is something we believe in. We handle a variety of pro bono cases and Mr. Threadgill acts in various capacities and as a Board Member in several organizations. Additionally, Mr. Threadgill is the Panel Chair of the Region 15 State Bar of Texas Grievance Committee. Whether litigating cases, drafting simple contracts or complex mergers and acquisitions, handling all sizes of divorces, estate planning, disputes or resolving consumer issues, Mr. Threadgill has developed a skillset that allows him to couple a 30 year business world assessment with current legal analysis to create practical solutions.

Specialty Focus: Conscious Uncoupling, Estate Planning, Family Business

Licensed In: Texas, USA

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Michele Marxkors Kelsaw

Michele Marxkors Kelsaw

MK Legal Planning
1000 N. Pine Street, Suite A, Rolla, MO, USA

Attorney Michele Marxkors Kelsaw’s practice focuses on a proactive approach to law. Michele uses the law to assist clients in developing legal strategies to ensure that their families and businesses are well taken care of during their lifetimes and beyond.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Purposeful Pre-Nups, Family Business, Money Mapping, Kids Protection Planning, Special Needs Planning, Caring for Elders

Licensed In: Missouri, USA

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Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin

Law Offices of Rebecca Martin
215 W. 18th St. , Kansas City, MO, USA

Rebecca was licensed in 2007. She went into private practice immediately. She opened her own office in 2011 and practices 100 percent in the area of family law. We provide divorce services in Missouri. Services include divorce, paternity actions and modifications. We are known for being attentive to detail, compassionate, and firm on negotiations.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Kids Protection Planning

Licensed In: Missouri, USA

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Sharline Green

Sharline Green

Sharline S. Green PC
1775 Parker Road, Ste. C210, Conyers, GA 30094, USA

Attorney Sharline S. Green’s estate planning practice focuses on providing quality and targeted solutions to individuals and families planning their lives and securing their futures. She specializes in guiding her clients with compassion and respect, honoring the differences in each person, while providing them with critical information to make the financial and legal decisions necessary to create plans that will protect their loved ones and accomplish their desired goals. Whatever your story, Sharline will help you capture it and preserve it for the next generation.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Kids Protection Planning

Licensed In: Georgia, USA

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Shekar Jayaraman

Shekar Jayaraman

332 S. Michigan Ave. 9th floor, Chicago, IL, USA

Attorney Shekar Jayaraman has a multi-faceted background of both public and private sector experience. He is passionate, zealous, and detail oriented.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling

Licensed In: Illinois, USA

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Shernette Noyes, JD

Shernette Noyes, JD

611 Access Rd. 3rd flr. , Stratford, CT, USA

Attorney Shernette G. Noyes,Esq. was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica. She moved to the United States at the age of 11 years old. Attorney Noyes has a passion and zeal to help clients with their legal matters. Attorney Noyes developed a passion for immigration law after working as an intern at the Rhode Island International institute in the immigration department. During the internship Attorney Noyes was able to help refugees, and others get their petitions approved. Attorney Noyes received her Juris Doctor from the University of Massachusetts School of Law in 2011. Attorney Noyes was admitted to the Connecticut Bar on November 7, 2011

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Kids Protection Planning, Caring for Elders

Licensed In: Connecticut, USA

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Steven Rotenberg

Steven Rotenberg

Law Office of Steven L. Rotenberg, PLLC
30600 Telegraph Rd Suite 3350, Bingham Farms, MI 48025, USA
19 E 1st St First Floor, Monroe, MI, USA

We strive to serve the communities of Bingham Farms, Monroe, all of southeast Michigan, and Metro Detriot, MI as well. We serve not only people from our 2 office locations but the entire metro Detroit area including Detroit, Birmingham, West Bloomfield Township, and many more cities. That’s why we focus on tax law, immigration law, and family law. If you need assistance with a child custody or divorce issue, attorney Rotenberg can help. As you transition from one home to the next, Steven L. Rotenberg will tackle legal obstacles on your behalf. With more than 19 years of experience, Attorney Rotenberg can easily navigate the state and federal court systems. You need an advocate on your side when dealing with immigration issues including EB 5 visas and citizenship.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Purposeful Pre-Nups, Asset Enhancement

Licensed In: Michigan, USA

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Will Worsham

Will Worsham

Worsham Law Firm
325 South Avenue, Springfield, MO, USA

Will Worsham was born and raised in Southwest Missouri. A 1989 Graduate of Logan-Rogersville High School, Will went on to earn a Bachelors of Arts degree with Honors from Drury University in 1993 before graduating from the University of Missouri School of Law in 1996.

Specialty Focus: Estate Planning, Conscious Uncoupling, Kids Protection Planning

Licensed In: Missouri, USA

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