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Katie Charleston

Katie Charleston

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Katie Charleson Law, A Professional Corporation
275 Medical Drive #4226, Carmel, IN 46082, US


Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Family Business, Asset Enhancement, Kids Protection Planning

Licensed In: California, USA, Nevada, USA, Indiana, USA, Texas, USA

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Katie Charleston’s law practice focuses on developing relationships with clients in a way that promotes prosperity and long term success. Katie’s unique experiences have allowed her to excel in evaluating the needs of each client and designing plans that can accomplish their goals. In fact, it’s Katie’s goal to work to make each client’s life more fulfilling, and is in turn fulfilled in doing so.

Katie’s desire to go to law school was spurred by her exposure to the court system at a young age due to her parents’ divorce. It was then that Katie decided she would pursue law to “help people.”

Katie excelled in law school and was hired by the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office prior to graduation. Katie went on to prosecute crimes as a Deputy District Attorney, but was left feeling unfulfilled at the end of the day. While Katie valued her time as a Deputy District Attorney, it occurred to her that while she was promoting and obtaining justice for the community, she could not undo the wrongs done to the victims. She didn’t feel she was “helping people” the way she intended.

Katie went on to act as General Counsel for a small business, which exposed her to both the planning and reactive aspects of business law. While she enjoyed working with executives to plan for the company’s future, Katie wanted a more prominent role proactively counseling the business to prevent conflict and litigation.

Katie founded Charleston Law Group to be the kind of lawyer to the community she always wanted to be – the kind that “helped people.” She does this by offering unique business and estate planning services that serve each client individually instead of a “one size fits all” option that so many attorneys use today. Serving clients in this way finally satisfied Katie’s desire to “help people” secure the future they wanted.

Since starting her firm, Katie has been able to help businesses and families plan for their future. Estate planning for her clients goes beyond the document drafting that most attorneys provide and extends to the intellectual, spiritual and human assets that they possess and want to pass on to future generations. Katie has been able to help her clients structure their business and estate plans to promote prosperity and pass to future generations seamlessly without conflict and with the privacy that they desire.

Katie has given businesses a resource – a relationship that encourages growth and planning, while limiting conflict and litigation. Katie views her role as a partner and counselor for each business and estate client. Katie has structured her firm to be there not just during times of tragedy or conflict, but also on a regular basis so that clients’ plans stay current and are relevant when necessary and clients’ businesses continue to flourish.

Katie makes sure she's there in times of crisis as well. As part of her full service law firm, Katie also offers representation to her clients in business litigation, contract disputes, labor and employment and personal injury actions. If your type of case doesn't match these, Katie can help you find an attorney for your specific situation - we're here to make sure you and your business are taken care of completely.

Most importantly, Katie is the proud mom of Duncan and Ella. As a mom, Katie understands the need to make sure your kids are taken care of – for this reason Kids Protection Planning is included in every estate plan.