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Suzan Colgan

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Industry Focus: Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning

Licensed In: California, USA

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I graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in December 2007. While most employers were downsizing I was able to find a position as an associate attorney in a small personal injury firm. For over five years I mastered the art of personal injury litigation, but this was not the reason I went to law school. I went to law school to help people in their lives and really make a difference. I quickly realized that in litigation winning is not winning. No matter the outcome both sides of the case were disappointed.

During this time I realized many people were not ready for the inevitable that can happen in an instant with no warning. Especially in personal injury cases where some of my clients were not so fortunate. Family members were required to endure an expensive, lengthy, public court process, so they could get a court order that would allow them to attend to their loved ones needs, including health, finances and personal care. My experience with these clients made me acutely aware that I, myself, was ill prepared if an accident if I or my spouse suddenly passed away.

Now, my husband and I have a little girl, which made me realize our need, as well as the need of families like mine, to establish the right plan to care for their little bundles of joy. Intending to help families like my own, and those I saw too late in my Personal Injury Practice, to be prepared in the case of emergencies and accidents, I started my own firm, where I can help families prepare legal plans and more that will really protect them and their loved ones.

I serve families in our community. To help them develop the legal plans that allow them to know their loved ones will be taken care of in their absence and have an as easy of a time of it as possible if anything ever happens to them. I would love to serve your family, so that you can pass on not just your assets and wealth, but your insights, values, hopes and dreams to your loved ones and make life easy for them as possible.

Firm Description

We here, at the Law Office of Suzan A. Colgan, are here to help you. Our focus is on families with young children, helping them to ensure their children are always in the care of people they know, love and trust.

We also serve you by creating your will, trust, healthcare directives, and other documents needed in cases of emergency and at the end of life. Our goal is to ensure that you are certain that you have done the right thing by your family. We will aide you in creating the right estate plan for your family's needs, to leave them more than just your assets and wealth, but your values, insights, hopes and dreams.

We want to be your family's trusted legal advisor, by providing affordable access to a lifetime relationship to a lawyer.

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